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Video Camera Plumbing Inspection Services for Aurora, Newmarket, York & Toronto Area

With over 45 years of experience as a trusted plumber in Thornhill, Aurora, Newmarket and the Greater Toronto Area, Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains is your trusted go-to source for reliable service and problem-solving. Your pipes are the arteries within the heart of your home. Don’t let just anybody open them up. Depend on the team who possess the specialized plumbing services and equipment you require to get the job done properly. Video camera plumbing inspections benefit Toronto-area homes as a non-invasive technique to identify all types of potential issue.

High-Tech Line Inspections

Lights, camera, action! We have the capability to inspect pipe widths 2 inches and up, up to 200 ft. (approximately), regardless of how many angles are involved. We begin by opening the problem drain and running a snake to ensure the camera can pass. High-resolution video camera plumbing inspections permit “real time” drain line investigations via a flexible cable rod and waterproof video lens. Rugged high-intensity lights and an electronic transmitter accentuate the activity. This technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location of your troubles. We have the ability to reduce the guesswork involved in sewer line repairs and more. Knowing exactly where the source of the problem lies and the extent of the damage involved will effectively save on your costs as service times are significantly reduced. A quick visual of the obstruction in question allows us to be even more efficient and cost-effective in its removal.

As well, our equipment can help determine the whereabouts of that precious engagement ring that was accidentally washed down the drain. Believe it or not, video camera plumbing inspections have also helped track down missing pets found in some pretty tight spaces.

Call the Professionals

Although do-it-yourselfers may be inclined to purchase their own equipment for this detective work, homeowner-level inspection scopes simply don’t have the same capabilities as our high-end systems. Cheaper cameras lack autofocus and self-righting features and cannot show you more than the first few feet once inside. Aside from overcoming the learning curve of a rental and any shortfalls in the equipment itself, understanding what the resulting video is showing you may not be as easy as it seems. Pipes full of dirty water can make things difficult to see. Our well-lit, high res system offers a crystal clear view of what’s in the pipes. Whether it’s a break in the joints, crushed or dented segments, ridges, grease accumulation, trapped debris, tree roots, or corrosion, our staff are well versed in the common issues frequently encountered in Toronto-area homes and businesses, and how they will appear. More importantly, we understand what’s involved in correcting the issue. Whether it’s pipe replacement, pipe relining or simple augering, having a trusted plumber on hand is the sure proof way to achieve results. Video inspections are a cost-effective way of cutting to the chase and determining the best course of action.

Know for Sure

For anyone considering the purchase of an older home, a video inspection from Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains could be the wisest money you’ll ever spend. Avoid unwanted future expense. Our team can ascertain the extent of those costly repairs you can’t see. Additionally, you may want a more detailed inspection of the branch lines and sewer line if you are planning any upcoming kitchen remodels or if you’re considering the addition of another bathroom. A quick video inspection will ensure the plumbing can handle the demands of your next project.

If you’re experiencing a slow drain, drain line backups or clogging on a regular basis, pouring more chemical cleaner down the pipes will not solve the underlying issue. Give Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains a call. We’ll have our camera set up and down your pipes in no time. Our professionals provide honest assessments and proactive solutions. Get in touch to book an inspection. We are your trusted plumbers in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and the surrounding area.