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Pipe Repair Services from Your Trusted Plumbers Serving Aurora, Newmarket, York & Toronto

Clogged, broken and leaky pipes aren’t just major inconveniences, they can cause a huge mess with a costly cleanup. If you require pipe repairs, call Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains right away! We’ll respond as quickly as possible and come equipped with all the tools and parts your project needs.

We employ three master plumbers with more than 45 years of experience. This vast industry knowledge allows us to work fast and efficiently in order to identify and solve your plumbing problem. Your home’s plumbing system is used every single day; because of this heavy usage, it’s very common for some sort of problem to occur. Rest assured, however, that our expert team is here to help whenever and wherever you need us! We offer 24/7 emergency service and answer calls throughout the GTA and the York Region.

Your Go-To Plumber in Richmond Hill for Pipe Repairs

As your trusted plumber in Richmond Hill, we can handle everything from clogged pipes to leaky faucets. Our specialized tools and video cameras allow us to pinpoint the problem, but if the damage is too severe, please be aware that we’ll recommend a replacement.

Here are some of the most common pipe repairs that we see:
  • Clogged Pipes: Clogged pipes can cause unpleasant odours, overflowing sinks and toilets, and even wastewater backing up into your bathtub or onto your property. The best way to prevent clogged pipes is to watch what you put down the drain. Never flush feminine hygiene products or heavy paper products, and avoid putting cooking oils, grease, coffee grounds, and egg shells down a kitchen drain.
  • Broken Pipes: Has your water bill suddenly increased? Is there standing water on your property when there hasn’t been any rain? If so, you might have a broken pipe. Broken pipes can cause extensive damage to your drywall, ceilings, furniture, and floors. 
  • Frozen Pipes: With our bitter-cold winter weather, frozen pipes are unfortunately very common. We can weatherproof your pipes or thaw them if freezing does occur. When the temperature drastically drops, remember to open the cabinet doors below your sinks so heat can circulate and allow the faucet to drip slightly in order to stop it from freezing. If a pipe should burst, immediately shut off your water and give us a call.
  • Leaky Faucets: A leaky faucet is irritating and costing you money. Don’t let those little drips continue – if you can’t stop it on your own, contact us to get it fixed! We’re knowledgeable about virtually all makes and models of faucets and will perform the proper repair, whether it’s replacing a seal or adding a new O-ring. 
  • Repiping: You might need to have your plumbing system repiped at some point, especially if you own an older home. Your plumbing isn’t meant to last forever, and with corrosion, stubborn clogs, invasive tree roots, and other problems, the pipes may need to be replaced sooner than you expected. 

If you need a plumber in Thornhill to handle a water line break or a plumber in Aurora to upgrade your corroded pipes, just give us a call!

Fair, Reliable Service

Our family-owned business takes pride in being the plumber in Newmarket and the rest of the York Region that customers can call for fast, reliable and fair service. We’ve been taking care of area homes for more than 45 years; we stand by our work and are committed to total customer satisfaction. Our pricing is honest and upfront with no sudden surprises on your bill. We’ll explain all of the parts and labour required and exactly what you’re being charged for. We don’t do commissions or franchise fees. Contact Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains today and experience the difference of working with a friendly, locally-owned family company!