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What is Backflow Prevention? How to Tell If You Need It for Your Woodbridge Home.

Water is a crucial component in making your home welcoming, livable, and functional. If it ends up in the wrong places, though, those benefits turn into hazards and damage that can impact the structure, safety, and state of your home. Backflow is a common problem that occurs when water begins to travel in the opposite direction of its intended path through your plumbing. The results can impact the safety of drinking water and the efficiency of household tasks. From flushing the toilet to filling the pool, backflow is an avoidable problem that can be prevented with assistance from an experienced Woodbridge plumber.

Learn more about backflow and how prevention can keep your water clean:

  • Common causes of backflow. Backflow usually occurs when there is a differential in water pressure and often happens at cross connections. The result is an unclean, used, or treated water source being drawn back into the water supply, impacting potable water and leading to damage.
  • Common places where backflow happens. Cross connections in your plumbing and water system are vulnerable to experiencing backflow because of the multi-directional areas and different requirements for water pressure. The kitchen, including the dishwasher and major appliances, toilets, showers, whirlpool baths, faucets inside and outside the home, swimming pools, ponds, sprinkler systems, and hoses are all typical spots where backflow can occur. 
  • Risks associated with backflow. The biggest negative outcome that happens when backflow occurs is contaminated drinking water. Vapors, odours, chemicals, and other hazardous materials can be drawn back into your water supply and get circulated throughout your plumbing system. This can cause sickness and other health problems, especially if it is left unattended. If you have a backflow problem, get assistance from plumbers in Woodbridge as soon as possible. 
  • Best ways to prevent backflow. Different solutions are available that can address water pressure and limit backflow at connection points in your plumbing system. They are not all inexpensive, but the investment pays off in peace of mind that you will not require extensive plumbing services in Woodbridge to address bacteria, chemical, or otherwise contaminated water from backflow. House bib vacuum breakers can be used on faucets and hoses, while dual check valve assemblies can be installed to eliminate back-siphoning and back-pressure throughout your plumbing system.

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