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Tips for Homeowners from Your Plumbers Serving Aurora and Newmarket

According to an October 2010 Financial Post article, Canada is home to just 2 percent of the world’s population and 10 percent of the globe’s fresh water, with “the assumption is that water is readily available,” (M. T. Bitti, Financial Post, Oct. 26, 2010). If we don’t pay attention to where the water is coming from, imagine how little is paid to where it goes.

However, for household drains, you need to be aware of the risks of not cleaning them out once in a while. Here are the top two reasons from Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drain Services as to why you should be aware of your drains.

How Frequent Should You Be Cleaning Your Drains?

Consider what household kitchen and bathroom drains see each day: hairs, soap build up, grease, food particles, and all manners of waist. Depending on the how and when debris enters your drain – never pour grease down the drain, especially followed cold, solidifying water for example – is a guaranteed clog and eventually clog the main system. Knowing how to and how often to clean your drains can help decrease the effect of a bad habit or accidental clogging.

Cleaning your drains once a month is about the right frequency for using safe drain cleaning methods: Filling your sinks up with hot water and then letting it drain is a good method of getting a good flush of your drain lines.

However, mistakes happen. There’s a good likelihood that the tenant or owner before you wasn’t quite as conscientious – or maybe it’s you who has the habit of misusing your drains. Regardless of the how and why, our drains get plugged. We’ve all seen the warning signs: the sink takes a little longer to drain, water pooling around your feet in the shower, and those strange, unpleasant odors coming from you drain. Unless this is dealt with, your drain will be blocked completely. Often this can be cleared with an electric drain snake which all truck at Aaron & Son Plumbing are equipped with.

Find a Reliable Plumber to Clean Your Drains in Your Home in Aurora and Newmarket

While many of these maintenance techniques can be done by the home owner, the reliable and knowledgeable plumbers at Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains are on call to repair any plumbing problems from a clogged shower to frozen pipes to high-pressure drain clearing.

For more serious plumbing concerns, our fully equipped mobile shop on wheels has the tools and parts necessary to handle even the biggest jobs efficiently. If you have questions or concerns about your drains, call Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drains today.