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Common Septic Tank Installation Problems Your Newmarket Plumbing Company Can Help You Avoid

If you are having a septic tank installed on your property, you need to ensure that you hire experienced and certified plumbers in Newmarket to install your system safely and correctly. An inadequately installed septic tank can result in groundwater contamination, spreading diseases and infections through drinking water, including dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever and other harmful conditions. Your septic tank should be regularly pumped and maintained by a skilled plumbing technician to help prevent potentially dangerous situations from surfacing.

Why Is Professional Septic Tank Installation by Your Expert Plumbers in Newmarket Important? 

Hiring someone with minimal experience in septic installations, or attempting to install it yourself can end very badly for you. You could be left with a sloppy mess on your hands, including expensive clean-up and repair costs. The following problems can occur if your septic tank is installed incorrectly:

  • A backup in your toilet or sink. You can expect a backup of foul-smelling wastewater in any drain around the home if you have anyone other than a pro install your system. This could mean raw sewage in your bathtub or kitchen sink. 
  • Your lawn can become a sewage swamp. A leak, backup or problem with your drain field can turn your lawn into a soggy and smelly sewage swamp. If this mess is not cleaned up quickly, it will begin to release a foul smell that is not only unpleasant but can also be hazardous to your health. 
  • Power outages. Common problems that can occur while digging the hole for your septic tank installation include hitting gas lines, internet lines or other important tubing. A skilled plumber is able to safely and effectively locate these lines before commencing the installation process. 
  • Cave-ins and instability. Without completing an onsite evaluation of where you intend to install your septic tank, your system may be susceptible to cave-ins due to soil instability. One of the most important steps you can take during a tank installation is to familiarize yourself with the area’s soil characteristics. A plumbing company that specializes in this kind of work knows what to look for and will ensure your design fits with the space.

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