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Find Out About Common Toilet Problems from Aaron & Son Plumbing in Aurora and Newmarket

It’s incredible how much of our lives revolve around toilets.

Understanding the importance of toilets in maintaining the normality in our lives, it comes as no surprise that knowing common problems that may affect your toilet, and how to fix them, as well as when to call in a professional – is, indeed, very crucial.

At Aaron and Son Plumbing and Drain Services we get this, our family owned and operated business has been solving a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing issues for our neighbors in Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto, Vaughan, and Woodbridge for more than 50 years.

To understand what a toilet problem is, you need to know how it works and the name of its parts. You can witness the operation yourself – just take the lid off of your tank and flush the toilet a few times. Any number of these individual parts could fail. In older toilets, it could mean replacing all the internal mechanisms or even upgrading to a new water efficient model. Most toilet problems come in three categories – leaks, breakdowns, and clogs.

If you have water on the floor around your toilet, then the problem has to be fixed before the moisture damages your subfloor. Checking the following things might help you locate the cause of the problem:

  • Start by checking all connections – the tank bolts, the fill valve/ballcock mounting nut, and supply tube coupling nut for leaks. Keep in mind that the water dripping from the side of the tank during warm humid weather may be condensation.
  • Water isolated around the base of a toilet could be caused by a wax ring that no longer seals or by a cracked toilet base.
  • More seriously if the toilet leaks constantly, the toilet base might be cracked and would need replacement.
  • If leaking occurs during or after a flush, the wax ring might have to be replaced.

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